My “Why”- The reason I became a Younique Presenter.

God surely is good. As some of you may not know, I have a college degree and I had hopes to work in that field while I was working towards completing it. God had different plans for me. He led me down a path with disappointing jobs that I hated and barely paid the bills.
I made a job change that led me back to Tampa where I met the man that is now my husband. Things were starting to look up. I left that job for another that was great and I learned a lot from, but I was not comfortable doing some of the tasks that were assigned to me, so when Ezra was born, it was the perfect time to walk away without rustling many feathers and answer what Michael and I believe to be my second highest calling: Motherhood.
Military life has NOT been easy. My husband IS my best friend. We are ONE body, as God has prescribed marriage to be so the demands from Michael’s career are very often painful to my soul. In our short (almost) 3 years of marriages, his career has asked for much of his time and even multiple months of separation. That is the hardest part for me. Ask me to move anywhere and I will do it, as long as my family goes together. Deployments and divided attention are hard for me.
The last almost 2 years with deployment, crazy work schedules, and Ezra’s eczema and food allergy diagnosis, have been extremely difficult. Many times I felt like I was barely surviving and honestly I was so worried about everyone else, I was not taking care of myself. Ezra’s skin went from bad to worse, his dietary needs exhausting, his sleep inconsistent and interrupted. Before I knew it, I felt like a failure for not being able to “fix” him. Depression had come in and pitched a tent during a time when I was supposed to be joyful. We had just found out we were pregnant and somehow I couldn’t really enjoy that or any of the blessings that we had received, like owning our first home. Everything was gray; the days always cloudy. So I started counseling. In those few sessions, I learned to give up my mommy guilt and to embrace the truth that I too deserve to be taken care of and pampered. That being a good mom who loves her child doesn’t mean that I don’t need or deserve a break or to do something for me. 
One day while looking through my make-up bag, I realized I still had eye shadows from high school. GROSS! So when October came I decided I wanted new make-up and to use that as my “me-time”. Ten minutes each morning to do what I loved doing as a little girl, embracing beauty. So I contacted my friend who had just started selling a brand of make-up I had never heard of- Younique. I figured that I would help a fellow stay-at-home-mom jumpstart her business and get me some goodies too 🙂
I hosted a party for her and immediately fell in love with the products. I wanted more, but I also remembered my conversation with my counselor. If only I had even a part-time job that I could do for me. Something that I could be proud of. Goals that I was challenged to meet. And so I prayed and read and God showed me that this was not vanity, that He enjoys and is ultimately the author of beauty. He made women to crave and show beauty because that is one of His qualities. Look around you… earth and nature are beautiful because He made them to be that.
So I talked with Michael and asked him that we “invest” in my Younique business. I always seek his counsel and leadership, especially when it comes to finances. I believe that is honoring not only to him as the head of our household, but to God himself. And before I knew it I was counting down the days until I could sign up as a presenter.
January 4, 2016 I made the commitment. I prayed that God would be honored and that this would be an avenue in which I could someday contribute to our family income as well as an avenue for uplifting and encouraging other women who like me, struggled with joy for various reasons. I did not expect to have a very successful business right away. But I prayed that He would provide the increase, and so far He has been exceedingly faithful. I got my first promotion on February 17 and I am now 75% to my first major goal, the Fast-Start Program with a deadline of 90 days from joining. My deadline is April 5 and I have been working hard to get ahead so that I can take some “maternity leave”. I don’t know if I will make it, anything could happen. Man plans but God leads his steps. And it’s not about getting rich; this journey is about knowing that I am not a failure. That I am an intelligent woman with the ability to honor God with my hands through hard work inside and outside the home. It is a way for me to contribute and be a reflection of the Proverbs 31 woman without compromising family time and the stability our family needs in the midst of deployments, moves, schedule changes, TDYs, trainings, etc.
Younique is allowing me to have my cake and eat it too… as slowly or quickly as I’d like. I am so very thankful and amazed as how the Lord has orchestrated the growth of my team. I love the ladies that have joined me. We have a special bond because of this business. We learn together, laugh together, cry together, feel beautiful inside and out together.
I have named my group The Beautiful You because I believe that a confident woman gives and serves out of the fullness of her heart. I believe that external beauty is the out pour of the best version of ourselves. When I feel like I’m worth enough to be pampered, I can serve my family and friends at a better capacity because I DO have a lot to offer. I know that this has been a similar reason for many of my Y-sisters and it warms my heart. Women can accomplish a lot when we feel empowered to do so.