Preparing to Win the Battle and the War

I think the author hit the nail right on the head in this post!

Tomy Wilkerson

As a campus minister, one of the greatest joys of my heart is watching as students give their lives to Jesus. For all the prayers, setbacks, and hard conversations, it’s the moment where everything feels worth it. Luke 15 says there’s rejoicing in heaven and I believe it. It’s exciting. Yet if there’s one thing Cayman has taught me, it’s the importance of seeing past the initial victory to equip new believers for the greater war.

As some of you have undoubtedly heard someone say, our call in the great commission is not to go and make converts but rather disciples. After almost a year-and-a-half in Cayman I can see why. Discipleship is everything. Alan Hirsch in his book, The Forgotten Ways, examines the DNA of well-known Jesus movements throughout history and one commonality between them all is their commitment to discipleship. From an organizational standpoint it’s the most strategic thing…

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