Month 1 Recap

Hard to believe, We’re a month into our first deployment! This is where things are really starting to get difficult. So far I have managed to keep my head on my shoulders and I think I have been successful in keeping my emotions on track. In fact, I am a lot better at the long-distance thing than I thought I was. But as of late, I’m really starting to feel its impact on our relationship. It is difficult for someone like me, who thrives on quality time and physical touch, to maintain a full love tank during a separation such as this. Days are long, nights short (at least the parts of them when I’m actually asleep), and the window for communication small.

Please pray that I will rest in the knowledge of my husband’s unconditional love for me.

He left me a deck of playing cards in which he wrote 52 things he likes about me, notes of encouragement, etc. I call it my “love deck”. I keep having to go back to it for reassurance, so I’m certainly thankful for it!

On the bright side, we have been very busy. Ezra has been meeting a ton of his cousins on my side of the family and I have had the opportunity to catch up with family as well as old friends. One of my friends just had a beautiful baby and it has been really neat walking this season of life with her and her husband who is also a friend from high school. I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend time with people that I love that I usually do not get a chance to see.

Another endeavor that has kept me on my toes is our home search. I didn’t mean to seriously start looking until mid August, but God presented an incredible opportunity and we are waiting to hear back from the association with a green light to move in in early August. We are so excited to get a house together (even though we are just renting). We are looking forward to many beautiful memories that are surely to be made in our new home 🙂 Please pray that God’s will be done in this regard! Do stress, however, how much we love this townhouse 😉 haha jk.

Anyway, I just found out there’s a Hobby Lobby here in Naples so y’all can draw your own conclusions about THAT one!

Two words:

Sewing Machine.

Which my mother owns 😉 in lieu of my hubby, Hobby Lobby it is! Hopefully I will have pictures of projects to share very soon!



This is at Kohl’s where I found placemats and a tablecloth for our dining room table (on sale of course). Ezra wasn’t too interested in the affair.

A little preview of what our Hobby Lobby adventure yielded!


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