Borders, Circuit City, and the Local Church: Will Technology be Our Demise?

This is really insightful! “The church” really is something bigger than ourselves and fellowship is absolutely necessary for discipleship. The gospel isn’t something we keep to ourselves, it it the good news that must be spread, otherwise we really are not loving the lost at all. Thank you Tomy for sharing your thoughts!

Tomy Wilkerson

It seems as if a new wave is rising in Cayman of young people streaming Sunday services from their houses. You ask them what church they attend and they timidly confess (because Cayman is a bit behind on the times) they watch church from home. These aren’t naïve new Christians afraid of church discipline. These are passionate disciples of Jesus who just can’t seem to find what they’re looking for in the local congregation.

But what happens when every passionate Christian has traded the biblical command to continue meeting with one another for viewing individual Sunday services from other countries in their homes? Will it cause the death of the local church? The answer is a complex one – one that I don’t have totally worked out nor have the space to fully answer here but the answer lies in our response to the question of what “the church” is…

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