D-Day 1

Today is our first full day on our own. First night was pretty sleepless. Ezra was extra hungry and woke up every 3 hours which he had not done since the height of his ear infection. I took that time to check in on hubby and keep communication while we are able. I never realized the extent of “the two shall become one.” My soul longs to be in the same room as my husband and my mind can’t wrap itself around the fact that he’s somewhere halfway across the world, literally. But I’m doing surprisingly well and God has given me much peace during this time despite a confused and over-tired baby. Ezra and I have been keeping entertained relaxing – and thanks to dear friends from our church – with a nice pool and well-stocked food pantry which we were instructed to raid.

Don’t mind if I do!

Don’t judge me, this breast-feeding momma has a big appetite.

Our first adventure was swimming.

We went to Babies R Us (this technically qualifies as an adventure in it of itself) and bought Ezra swimming trunks and a floaty 🙂 He looked so handsome in it!

He enjoyed that for about 10-15 minutes until he realized he didn’t finish his nap and he was getting hungry. Needless to say he has been eating and sleeping since with a few intervals of awake time in between.

Excited to see what other side-adventures we take during this journey.







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